idden away on a quiet Welsh hillside with in the town of Pontypool, revealed is a surprise of rich ornamental greenery tucked away with in a natural oak woodland. On entering the site via a mysterious old carriage drive the visitor, discovers a world apart where towering Californian redwoods and eccentric monkey puzzle trees rise majestically out of a rich undergrowth of tangled rhododendrons and laurels.

he impression created by these fine tree's now in their prime can only have been imagined by the Victorians who planted them. The surprise is all the greater because these unusual gardens are situated within the Welsh valleys; a region dominated by beautiful and dramatic landscapes, small towns, local communities and harsh despoiling industrial activity. The gardens are an intriguing oasis, contrasting with the wider landscape.

he Hanbury Family who owned Pontypool Park and much of the surrounding area are well known for their philanthropy throughout the country providing much employment for the local people. Sir Richard in his book The Hanburys of Monmouthshire points out that The American Gardens were created in order to provide work at a time of depression


The Gardens are not open to the general public without prior authority from Pontypool Park Estates as yet. Permission can be obtained by contacting us. 
PLEASE NOTE  that no cars are to access the gardens, users that have permission are requested to use the car parking space at the side of the entrance.

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