The aim of the project it to restore the Gardens to its former glory in order to provide a spectacle to the general public and heighten the Towns profile, therefore creating a sense of pride within the community. We will continue to further introduce additional educational resource to children and adults. 

We aim to create a venue within the Gardens for the local people to participate in. We will be providing events, historical, and educational. We will introduce art and craft themed projects increasing community capacity. We also aim to create work for the people of the town.

Initial Stages

We intend to gain knowledge from two Ordinance Survey Maps of the area dated 1850 and 1921 in order to determine exactly what was there. Plans may well be found in local family archives or that of the Land Registry.

We recognise that in a park comprising of trees,  shrubs and numerous unusual or rare plants that many could be choked out by the inevitable advance of well established, unmaintained shrubbery and  natural weed growth. Throughout the project a number of surveys will be carried out. 
Ecological Survey - completed
Rhododendron Survey - completed
Tree Condition Survey - completed
Feasibility Study - completed

For images of work taking place in The American Gardens please visit the Updates Page.

More information on this subject to be added at a future date.
The American Gardens Environmental Project group are supported by the local Communities First Team

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